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Want a life hack for your diet without side effects? Would you like a technology that not only boosts your workout results but also aids in fat loss and body contouring? We do! Now you can have red light therapy benefits with our Joovv/personal training packages.

At Koth Body Boutique, we are combining state-of-the-art technology, the Joovv Red Light Therapy, with real world workout principles to amp up the incredible benefits of exercise. Our Elite Joovv machines, the most powerful and largest in the Joovv line, are used by professional athletes as well as celebrities. The Joovv is so incredible that it is endorsed by the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, UFC, and CrossFit. Join the revolution of 21st century health and fitness.

Woman running going from sluggish to revved up.

Red Light Therapy Benefits & How It Boosts Your Exercise

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! It’s science. Clinical studies done on humans have shown that using red light therapy boosts fat loss when combined with exercise. Your body’s cells wake up by absorbing the wavelengths of red light at 660 nm and near infrared at 850 nm. At a cellular level, these therapeutic wavelengths stimulate the mitochondria to increase the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Simply put, this causes your cells to have more energy to function better and repair themselves. Research shows that red light therapy may actually help your cells to “wash away the fat” by working on adipocytes, your fat stores. Of course, proper nutrition and exercise are essential to both health and beauty.

How does the Joovv Rev Up Your Workout Results?

Joovv red light therapy room in Koth Therapy & Fitness office.Research has shown that red light therapy benefits athletic performance in four ways. It improves strength, endurance, speed, and muscle growth. This is why professional sports figures rely on it for outstanding results and muscle recovery–all of this without drugs or harmful side effects. These results were found in regular people at different ages and fitness levels–not just athletes. In addition, for men, studies show an increase of testosterone when exposed to red light therapy.

Joovv & Training Packages Available

Be Fabulous at Any Age: How to Lose Pounds, Tone Up, and Look Years Younger – For Women

Take control of your weight and love the body you see in the mirror. Stop covering up your legs and arms out of embarrassment. Wear fashionable clothes again. Be the woman that men and women notice when you walk in a room. Your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors will want to know what you’re doing.

Today’s Virile Man: How to Shred Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Testosterone – For Men

Imagine yourself working out in the privacy of your home–maybe while watching a game or after work. In a short amount of time, your biceps and triceps are bulging. A ripped washboard stomach–not a fat beer gut. More stamina for play in the bedroom. Women do a double take when they see you coming. Your chest muscles push out of your shirts. Your strong thighs and buttocks make a great exit when you leave a room. Friends and co-workers will hound you to find out your secret.

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Learn a Lifetime of Workout Skills in Only 12 Sessions

Christopher Koth, PT, DPT, will teach you everything you need to know. As a physical therapist, Dr. Koth is uniquely qualified to reshape your body. His expertise on the musculoskeletal system makes his workouts effective, time efficient, and safe. Free yourself from gym memberships that you don’t have time to use. Unlike a lot of personal trainers, Dr. Koth can work around physical limitations and/or health concerns.

As a bonus, we offer a free month of our Joovv package to clients who complete their 12 one-on-one workouts with Dr. Koth. A $300.00 value, that’s 3 Joovv treatments a week for 4 weeks. Why such a great offer? Because we want you to continue your successful journey toward health and wellness with outstanding results in less time.