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Would you like to eliminate years off your face and body and still look like an authentic, but younger version of yourself? Microcurrent therapy is your answer. Our Nue Fusion 600 microcurrent machine mixes technology for natural results without side effects or recovery time. 

FDA cleared, microcurrent has long been a proven modality for not only anti-aging benefits but for pain and injury complaints of athletes. It uses a low level frequency current that mimics the naturally occurring electrical flow between your cells. After subsequent treatments, microcurrent stockpiles the energy in your body, so that your results become more and more effective after each visit. It literally re-educates your muscles, whether face or body, to lift and rebalance themselves.

Microcurrent Therapy Lifts, Tones & Tightens For a More Vibrant You

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Paris Hilton brag about using microcurrent facial treatments on social media. And for good reason. Using low frequency electrical currents, it can lift, tone, sculpt, and tighten your face and body.

Woman with smoothed, toned, and tightened beautiful face and body.

Our Microcurrent Facelift package works to:

  • smooth forehead lines
  • lift sagging brows and eyelids
  • tighten under eye area
  • contour cheekbones
  • tone jowls and jawline
  • redefine neck
  • increase the production of collagen and elastin for younger looking skin

Our Microcurrent Body Lift and Sculpt series works to:

  • tone and tighten the abdominals, legs, arms, buttocks/hips (depending on chosen treatment package)
  • spot treat areas resistant to diet and exercise
  • reduce cellulite and aid in inch loss
  • retrain your muscles to lift
  • smooth out sagging, crepey skin
  • detoxify your body by causing lymphatic drainage
  • enhance blood circulation
  • increase the production of collagen and elastin for younger looking skin

Microcurrent Facial & Body Treatments Performed by Dr. Koth

With Dr. Koth’s knowledge of facial muscles, he guides ball and straight wands over your face. Before the treatment, your facial skin will be primed with gel. Most people feel no sensation and sometimes fall asleep during treatment.

For body sessions, microcurrent pads are placed in strategic areas of concern. A vigorous tingling sensation will be felt where the pads are placed. You will have your own set of pads for hygienic reasons.

Every visit combines a full-body Joovv session with a microcurrent treatment synergistically working for better results. While a lot of microcurrent machines have a two times a week for 6 to 8 weeks protocol, the Nue Fusion 600 has a two times a week for 3 to 6 weeks for face. For the body, Nue Fusion 600 recommends two times a week for 4 to 6 weeks or until desired results. Our machine saves you both time and money.

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