See the Doctor Every Visit!

I Love Joovv, It Feels Good!

“I have no pain, no pain down my leg. I was suffering with a bulging disk and arthritis in the back. I love Joovv, it feels good!” Read More

Try It!

“I had my first laser treatment and last night was the first time I had a halfway decent night of sleep. So, try it!” Read More

Improving Each Time

“With laser it seems to be improving each time I have it and I hope it will continue that way and I’ll be able to keep that finger.” Read More

Works Every Time

“When I have a headache I get the laser. Within an hour and twenty minutes to two hours––headache gone. Works every time.” Read More

It Really is a Good Thing

“Just walking normal and finding myself not even thinking about it anymore. It really is a good thing. You gotta try. So try it you’ve got nothing to lose.” Read More

Knee Feels Better Already

“My knee feels a lot better already. I like being about to come right back to a private room at my scheduled appointment time.” Read More